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  • Pre-anesthesia check up to decide upon anesthetic procedures
  • Support for administering safe anesthesia service all types of surgeries
  • Pain relief services and completely monitoring intensive care for trauma patients
  • Post operative Intensive care for patients undertaking major surgery and high risk patients
  • Administering epidural infusions of local anesthetics for pain removal during normal delivery
  • Pain and palliative care for chronic patients
  • Resuscitation services including Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation, Basic Life support, advanced Life Support service

Exclusive features

We at PKDIMS carefully plan the anesthetic procedures after studying the patient history and have consultation with the surgeon for providing valuable assistance in anesthetic support during surgery and Basic life support.


Department of Anesthesiology and analgesia of PKDIMS consists of 2 anesthesiologists. All of them are full time employees of PKDIMS. We assure safe administration of anesthetics to support patients posted for surgery. The Anesthesia and Post Anesthesia care are carefully monitored to suit each patient from infants to elders.